The Science Behind Cross Fitness

There's a reason gyms are filled with TV's – most people's workouts last so long, the only way they can stand the boredom is staring at a television screen.

But the truth is, marathon 45-minute, 60-minute, even 90-minute workouts do more harm than good. In fact, not counting warm-up and cool-down there's no reason you should ever work out longer than 20 minutes… max.

If you exercise much longer than 20 minutes, the extra time not only isn't giving you any extra results… it can actually make you fatter.

That's because longer workouts put strain on your body, causing it to release cortisol, a "stress hormone" that blocks fat-loss at a cellular level.

At the same time, extended exercise can flood your body with damaging "free radicals" that cause accelerated aging inside and out.

Fortunately, the latest science proves that when you do them the right way… SHORT workouts give you an extended "afterburn" benefit for up to 48 hours after you're done.

Yes, that means you can literally "burn calories" while you sleep – and do it even more efficiently than if you were sweating it out for 90 minutes daily at the gym.


No more long, boring workouts, treadmill torture, or frustrating "plateaus"…
No more struggling to keep up with DVD fitness models shouting at you to "Bring It!"…